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Premiere of 'Operation Resist' (2019)

August 18, 2019

A capacity crowd pouring into the auditorium in the 11th hour, tears shed over the lives of honorable men and women helping innocent men, women and children, .... and this followed by a standing ovation. Not exactly mayhem and macabre, but then again perhaps that is why the MSM failed to cover it. I suppose there's a reason this nation is so divided, bent on hate, and filled with violence. King Solomon once noted that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Thankfully, 'Operation Resist' was pouring out lots of love, action, and a message of honor to its audience. 


The movie premiere of 'Operation Resist' took place on August 10th, 2019 at the Hollywood 20 Regal cinema located at Woodruff Road in Greenville, South Carolina. One of the nicest cinemas in the Upstate South Carolina area, the large auditorium was packed out and Director James Moran spoke prior to the movie being shown to ensure that insight was given regarding the movie, its purpose, and the challenges of our current environment.  


Director Moran stressed the importance of ensuring history is not removed from school textbooks, and that terms are not redefined to further revise history. After the movie, the audience rose to their feet in a standing ovation as the Director came to the front of the auditorium to offer a few last behind-the-scenes comments and an invitation to the after-party.


Finally, Director Moran concluded by having everyone in the audience go to a page on the company website where photos of never-before-seen holocaust photos had been published that same day.  A historical moment, considering the photos were taken almost 75 years ago by two men, an American spy and an American commando, and an event that would have been reported by most local papers and TV stations just 50 years ago, along with other positive community news, instead of the macabre newscasts that air today.


 Earlier this year, Director James Moran and cast members had been invited to the Dutch embassy in Washington, DC for a joint USA-Dutch diplomatic gathering. The movie has brought together cast and crew from all political parties, both liberals and conservatives, to shout out for freedom, remember the holocaust, and ensure history is preserved from those who would like to remove the holocaust from our textbooks. Director Moran wrote the script the month after South Carolina was said to be considering the removal of the holocaust from its school textbooks. Six months later he finished filming it. 


The cast featured a large number of military and law enforcement officers, mainly local to SC but some from out-of-state. Represented were many branches of the military, SWAT, and local law enforcement, including a Colonel, Lt. Colonel, and a member of Spartanburg SC SWAT who has served South Carolina for almost a quarter of a century. Many of these cast members worked for very little money and put in much time on the project. We have included many of their photos on this page to recognize their enormous contributions. 



The movie honors U.S. military officers, including a super commando and two American spies, and used a real-life Colonel and Senator Douglas Mastriano to portray OSS Spy and Colonel Peter Ortiz whose exploits were legendary as mentioned by the movie 'Operation Resist'. 1st Lt George Hearn, an American spy whose family members reside in SC, was honored by 'Operation Resist' as well. Also, super commando James Russell 'Boots' Beatty, who lives in South Carolina with his family, was part of the FSSF unit that did things which the German high officials called 'impossible'. Why South Carolina media wouldn't want to highlight these men's lives is quite puzzling. 


To date, none of the local or national mainstream media have covered the remarkable journey of Ethos Movies, its amazing cast which includes a Senator, an NYC runway model who has a pair of Marc Defang shoes named after her, and two military historians from the United States military. This holocaust movie, which urges people to stand up for their freedom, Bill of Rights, and protect their neighbors from death if the fascists come, was completely ignored by the mainstream press.  


Perhaps that is because the MSM is too busy giving constant coverage to every hater, shooter, extremist and antisemite coming from the far 'alt-right' and far 'leftist' camps (and you wonder why society is so divided when that's all we are fed). Let's honor men and women who gave their last full measure of devotion such as 'strong women' and Dutch resistance saviors like Tiny Mulder, Corrie ten Boom, Gertruida, and others featured in 'Operation Resist'. Although a tiny handful of non-mainstream press have helped to cover this event, not even local SC mainstream press would say a word in spite of it having epic political, national and local talking points in the story that involve Anne Frank, American spies with family local to South

Carolina, and gives honor to a very famous celebrity the whole world knows and an important African American veteran. Below are photos from the event. Our website is a great place to monitor our film's journey, especially the 'Operation Resist' tab as public release information will soon be published. Visit or you may also follow us for news on our social media sites shown on this blog page. 


Director James Moran 



 Composer Zachary Horner



Principal Actor Wilbur Mauk with Visiting Guest and Actor Gary Moore, father of Principal Actor Michael Moore



Lead and Principal Actors from L to R: Berle Stocks, Collin Brown, Ashleigh Burnette (Lead), and James Tavelle





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