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'Operation Resist' Will Never Forget

Never again! Never forget! Watch out for the upcoming movie 'Operation Resist' which will premiere in an embassy in Washington, DC this coming April and which will highlight these two themes.

These two concepts go hand in hand, because the lessons of history help us to not repeat the foolishness and horrors of the past. Therefore, when we work to 'never forget' lessons from history, this helps us to avoid repeating them (never again).

The whole point of the upcoming action film 'Operation Resist is to ensure that these lessons are never again repeated by reminding the world of what happened in the Holocaust, so they never forget.

Thanks to all of our cast and crew who helped us make last minute finishing touches. They are so talented, hard-working, and just wonderful human beings! They all made it happen with freezing water and some tough challenges, including cinematographer Daniel Berger II whose filming and drone shots were perfect.

A recent article in Newsweek seen in the photo above, is a reminder that if you don't remind people, they forget, so be sure to tell your friends about 'Operation Resist'.

Help remind them of the holocaust and its lessons learned by using our social media buttons to share or copy our link into an email, because to never again repeat some of the worst atrocities known to mankind, we must ensure people never forget and that takes a lot of vigilance and work from all us.

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