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NEWSFLASH: Composer Chosen

January 25, 2019

'Operation Resist', the upcoming movie slated for its world premiere in an embassy in Washington, DC, has a composer for its film score! Zachary Horner is a perfect fit! 


We are not only delighted, but believe Horner's extraordinary talent is perfect for this project as is his heart for social change. After all, Horner has worked alongside one of our current principal actors, Garry Nation, on a social project by Director Jacobson called 'Last Call' and you just have to watch Horner's music score and Garry Nation's performance in that social project as shown in the inset video below. 

This social project by Director Jacobson, which shows the hearts of actor Garry Nation and composer Zachary Horner who are both serving in our 'Operation Resist' team, reflects not only the hearts of these two extremely talented individuals, but also the soul of our company and of our many other extraordinarily talented team members who seek to not just entertain, but to make a difference for love and justice for all people's lives, regardless of their ethnicity, disabilities, age, or social challenges! 


Also, not only are we thrilled to have British-educated Horner onboard, but he will be filling the shoes of renowned composers, Griffiths and Allerstorfer!  What's that again? Let's start from the beginning. 

Renowned composers James Griffiths and Christoph Allerstorfer both expressed their heartfelt desire to make a difference on our project's important message commemorating the holocaust and they both worked diligently to become a part of our team, but just prior to the day of signing with us, composers James Griffiths and Christoph Allerstorfer were pulled into contractual obligations they had already signed involving two feature films that they did not foresee impacting their capacity due to timeline changes.

Deep breath. Soooo the extraordinary composer Zachary Horner, who we have been eyeing for a year now, was the beneficiary. Horner is not only a perfect fit, but has capacity, is already signed, and will serve in both roles as Composer and Executive Music Producer for 'Operation Resist', taking on the responsibilities of the very talented James Griffiths and Christoph Allerstorfer.


Join us in welcoming Zachary Horner to our team!  And be sure to visit Horner's website to learn more about his works by clicking the photo below. 





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