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Favorite TV Composers

January 14, 2018

Below is my list of favorite twenty TV Composers of all time, alongside the TV theme songs that I believe made each of them one of the greatest TV composers of all time


I have listed these musically intelligent, creative, and gifted composers from #1 to #20 (with #1 being my very favorite). Each composer and composition has been chosen for it's overall chemistry of creativity, appropriateness, musical intelligence, and uniqueness. I have also added a link to their TV theme song on YouTube below for your convenience.


#1) Jennie Muskett - Spooks Theme


#2) Sean Callery - Elementary Theme


#3) Patrick Gowers - Sherlock Holmes Theme


#4) Andy Price - Robin Hood (BBC) Theme


#5) Jay Gruska - Lois & Clark Theme


#6) Richard Markowitz - Wild, Wild West Theme (1960s version)


#7) Christopher Gunning - Inspector Poirot Theme


#8) Barrington Pheloung - Inspector Morse Theme


#9) Jim Parker - Midsommer Murders Theme


#10) Irving Szathmary - Get Smart Theme (1960s version)


#11) Ken Howard and #12) Alan Blaikley - Miss Marple Theme


#13) John Addison - Murder She Wrote Theme


#14) Walter Schumann - Dragnet Theme


#15) Marius Constant - Twilight Zone Theme


#16) Charles Gounod - Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme

aka 'Funeral March of a Marionette'


#17) Earle Hagen and #18) Herbert Spencer - Andy Griffith Theme


#19) Jay Livingston and #20) Ray Evans - Bonanza Theme










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