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Genius and Stupid

April 11, 2017


Stupid doesn't know stupid. They can't see it. Genius knows stupid, and genius knows genius. Stupid likes stupid. Genius likes genius. So if you're genius and you find yourself hated, it may be because you're surrounded by stupid. Find new friends. There are different types of geniuses too. Geniuses in books and geniuses in life. Both are great in their own way. The wise surround themselves with wise folk and become wiser. Iron sharpens iron. Similarly, users are losers. Givers find themselves surrounded by takers. If so, stop giving. Parasites disappear when there's nothing to take. Are you always recommending others, loaning to them, empowering them? With only criticism in return? They only enter your life to get something from you. Find other givers to whom you can give. This is collaboration - it's game-changing! Replace critical people with encouraging people. Busybodies with no business make your business their business. Idle meddlers have one career path - a downward spiral. Gossipers and public critics should be replaced with friends who tell you in private what nobody else has the courage to tell you, but who also build you up to others. Who you choose as your closest friends and allies is vitally important to your success.

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