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Untapped Genius of Heller

April 4, 2017


When I think of actors with untapped genius, my mind is drawn to an actor who is known more as a coach in Hollywood, but who, in my estimate, few modern actors can rival on the big screen. His skills carry the intensity and realism of Hollywood's legends such as Jimmy Stewart, James Cagney, or Bette Davis (some of my favorites). There's a reason why he has his own acting studio in Hollywood where he's taught thousands of actors, his own unique approach to acting, including many household names.


His potential as an actor hasn't been tapped in my opinion. I'll put my money on Brad Heller every single time when betting against some of Hollywood's highest paid talent, which is why every actor should check out Mr. Heller's free videos crammed full of his years of experience and his proprietary acting style known as the Heller Approach™ as seen on his Hollywood studio's official Website. Out of the many roles he has played, I believe a brief role that he did back in 2001 for a well-crafted short film in collaboration with director Dave Christiano allowed Heller's talent to be glimpsed. And though only a short film, in that brief glimpse, we see how Heller would play as a main lead in a feature-length epic movie. My hope is that, in spite of his highly successful acting coach career, we haven't seen the last of Heller on the big screen and that the future holds a far more visible role for him to show the world his enormous skills to pull an audience into the intensity of the script and hold them there with breathless anticipation. For the same reasons that Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholas, and Liam Neeson have swayed audiences, Brad Heller also possesses the same ability to transform a script from mere words into a living, breathing, unbridled journey into that world of emotion and energy we call entertainment.

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