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Attributes for Actors

Most actors can make the 'first cut' and are worth mentoring to the next level if they have the following basic qualities. Primary Positive Attributes Great speech Great voice Unique, special or great looks Unique, special or great personality Ability to emote on queue Great passion for the craft Teachable and humble When you audition an actor, you must think of it as auditioning their speech, body, mind, eyes, and heartfelt emotions. The script is only a tool and should be used to allow the actor to demonstrate their abilities in each of these areas. Some think that acting is showing how they can scream or cry, but acting takes more than such emotive qualities. Each area should be assessed

Comedy Rules!

If you want to write comedy that rules, then include these ten rules of laughter: Contrast Examples include inappropriate behavior such as snickering at a funeral or a boisterous, aggressive, violent "anger counselor" who loses all control or an adult who acts like a baby [literally] or a moment like the following in the 1997 movie "Mousehunt". Relief Pain or awkwardness followed by laughter such as seen in the following movie clip from the classic 1949 movie titled "Africa Screams" (from 2:10 to 4:30) as actor Bud Abbott thinks his sidekick Lou Costello has died. Superiority Arrogance and fascism, which is egregious and nauseous to the audience, is displayed by someone who is extremely inco

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