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Body Language and Acting

Acting includes speech, facial expressions, and body language. This article covers body language. What's some classic body language in motion pictures? One example would be two characters who turn their bodies in opposite directions to each other, while still talking to each other, in order to show they are mentally at conflict with each other in the movie. Many other such techniques help to communicate to the audience without any dialogue. Those who learn to direct 'silent movies', and actors who act in the same, find themselves with great skills for movie making. Telling a story without words is an essential skill for both actor and director. An actor should attempt to first communicate th

Advice to Actors

Don't act. React. Don't say lines. Speak concepts. Don't take too long. Get the words out clearly and as quickly as possible using pauses rarely and only for dramatic effect, but don't rush either. Don't push your voice down to sound 'macho'; you'll only sound stupid. Don't speak with an elevated pitch to sound excited, you'll sound even worse. Just relax and let your voice flow as you would in daily conversation. In other words, don't even think about it. Just do it. If you try to sound professional, you'll sound like you're trying to sound professional. Be you. If you're not professional, then work that out in real life, not on the set or in rehearsal. Adopt the attitude of your character

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