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Recent Posts

Movie Scores with EWQL

Ethos Movies has invested in EWQL (East West Quantum Leap sample library), recorded in EastWest Studios, in order to provide high quality orchestrated scores for their upcoming movie being shot in the summer of 2018. The music score will be added around January 2019 with the release set for summer of 2019. To hear what the industry is saying about EWQL's quality, be sure to read some of the testimonials on soundsonline.com, the official website of EWQL, from such industry professionals as J.J. Abrams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), James Newton Howard (The Bourne Legacy), and Thomas Newman (Skyfall). In addition to their standard orchestra sample, Ethos Movies has also purchased EWQL's Symph

Downey's Best Interview Ever

When someone first watches this interview, they would probably wonder how this could be Robert Downey Jr's best interview, but by the end of this video, you will have no doubt why this was the best interview that Robert Downey Jr ever gave. In this one video, he gave the perfect template for how to calmly handle haters, bullies, jerks, and fake news with grace, maturity, and self-discipline. Our greatest moments are not necessarily the ones in which we are being praised, but the ones in which our character is tested and we are able to show class and poise, while giving others an example of how to endure similar testing in spite of the odds stacked against us.

Ads and Social Media Fails

Having started a separate software and consulting company (apart from this movie company) a few years ago, one of the things I explored was building my social media and web presence. When it came to sales, I found the only value gained from social media was in keeping in touch with past individuals with whom I had already connected. Before you cast aside this thought, let me explain why and what I did. First, I built out sites on some big social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Then I paid for commercials on Facebook and LinkedIn. I 'reached' my audience of around 100,000 C-levels with LinkedIn and about 150,000 other relevant individuals for a grand total of around a qu

Genius and Stupid

Stupid doesn't know stupid. They can't see it. Genius knows stupid, and genius knows genius. Stupid likes stupid. Genius likes genius. So if you're genius and you find yourself hated, it may be because you're surrounded by stupid. Find new friends. There are different types of geniuses too. Geniuses in books and geniuses in life. Both are great in their own way. The wise surround themselves with wise folk and become wiser. Iron sharpens iron. Similarly, users are losers. Givers find themselves surrounded by takers. If so, stop giving. Parasites disappear when there's nothing to take. Are you always recommending others, loaning to them, empowering them? With only criticism in return? They onl

Jean Charles Rousseau's Stunts

Whether Rousseau is working on 'Jason Bourne', 'Spectre' or 'Fast & Furious 6', his work is superb. His skill sets include: Fight Choreography Car Hits Precision High Falls Burns Wirework Rappelling Parkour Fencing Utility Arms and Weaponry Utility Stunt Driving Air Ram Ratchet Horseback Riding Scuba Diving Acting Be sure to check out his demo reel below and for more stunt work by Jean Charles Rousseau, visit his Website.

McParland, the Next Big Thing?

If you want to know our bet as to whom the next 'big thing' in action movie actresses will be, look to none other than Jesse Jane McParland. Also, don't expect McParland to be limited to children's movies either. We envision her in a full-fledged, feature-length motion picture, kicking down the doors of opportunity with a vengeance. Now it's one thing to say we think McParland has talent, but Ethos Movies contacted McParland's agent and are working on having McParland join in the upcoming action-adventure movie shoot in the summer of 2018, scheduled for release in late summer of 2019. If you want to see exactly why we believe McParland is the next 'big thing' in action movies, a picture is w

Untapped Genius of Heller

When I think of actors with untapped genius, my mind is drawn to an actor who is known more as a coach in Hollywood, but who, in my estimate, few modern actors can rival on the big screen. His skills carry the intensity and realism of Hollywood's legends such as Jimmy Stewart, James Cagney, or Bette Davis (some of my favorites). There's a reason why he has his own acting studio in Hollywood where he's taught thousands of actors, his own unique approach to acting, including many household names. His potential as an actor hasn't been tapped in my opinion. I'll put my money on Brad Heller every single time when betting against some of Hollywood's highest paid talent, which is why every actor sh

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