You can invite an audience, show the film, and make a profit. 


This price and license is only good for 300 or less people at your event. One small additional fee is required which is generally around $10 - see below for details. + **  


+ Once you have purchased this license, your group rental viewing price is locked into place regardless of price fluctuations in the future. You will also be required to pay for the rental cost of the individual consumer version of the movie on (whatever the going rental fee for individual viewing is at that time but usually around $10). 




1. Go to to pre-screen the individual version of the movie first if needed.


2. Use or a similar site to promote and secure attendees in advance.


3. If your audience grows to more than 300, please use our Contact tab's form to contact us.


4. Once the venue is set, ensure you have a projector with the lumens / resolution to show an HD 1080P (1K resolution) movie at your civic, religious, or educational event and an experienced projectionist.


5. Use a service like YouTube to test out an HD 1080P video on your projector weeks ahead to ensure it looks right.


6. Within hours of your event and within 40 hours of your group showing (rental lasts 48 hours), be sure you rent the movie ‘Operation Resist’ from This is important as it allows for enough time for the 76 minute movie to be shown without the rental expiring, but also enough time to run a test of the movie in advance. We suggest more than sufficient time be allotted to fall within the 48 hour rental period (thus 40 hours instead of 48), since NO refunds are available for those who fail to rent the movie properly (an expensive mistake to make on your part, so be sure you get this right). Amazon rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started.


7. Your group rental purchase is an auto-license for you to show the movie to 300 or less people.


8. For-profit groups can charge up to $5 at the door to make a profit; non-profits can request voluntary donations from their audience after the showing or suggest a gift of no more than $5 at the door from audience members.


9. County school administrations, colleges, and other repetitive outlets, for showing our movie for educational or other purposes, can receive a renewable license for showing the movie at all of their county organizations. If you are a county contact for your organization, contact us for costs and details.  


10. For more than 300 people, we are able to book a cinema for your group and show the movie in 2K resolution (double the resolution of the version); plus, you can enjoy the full movie experience with popcorn and drinks; contact us for costs and for details.


More details are found within the downloadable PDF license you purchase. 

'Operation Resist' Group License


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